The Shonai Region
Dewa Sanzan

Our rice fields are located in the Shonai region in Yamagata prefecture. This area, surrounded by mountains and sea and overflowing with nature, is blessed with mineral-rich water all year-round from the three sacred mountains, Mt. Gassan, Mt Haguro and Mt Yudono, also known as Dewa Sanzan. Shonai has long, sunny days through the summer and heavy snowfall in winter. From spring to summer, as the snow slowly thaws, water seeps into the volcanic rocks beneath to become spring water rich in minerals. The journey to our delicious Shonai rice starts here...

The Organic Rice Farm
Dewayahei ...since 1840

At Dewayahei, we specialise in cultivating organic rice that is, not only nutritious, but also sustainable. We use our own homemade fertiliser, a mixture of rice bran, oyster shells, bonito powder and seaweed. We plant young rice plants grown from the previous year's rice seeds. We nurture them by hand weeding and carefully monitoring their condition. We handle everything from rice planting to harvesting, inspection, bagging... basically from production to sales. We are proud of the organic rice we produce and the positive impact it has on the environment, the community, and your health.

The Organic Product Range
Rice, cakes, sake, flour, pasta
Tsuyahime White Rice

JAS certified organically grown
Tsuyahime white rice
Packaging: 0.3kg / 2kg / 5kg / 30kg


White Rice Cakes

Organic white rice cakes (mochi)
Packaging: 1kg (20 x 50g)
Individually packed


Germ Rice Cakes

Organic germ rice cakes (mochi)
Packaging: 800g (16 x 50g)
Individually packed


Alcohol-free Sake

Organic sweet sake (amazake)
Made from fermented Tsuyahime rice
Packaging: 200g


Rice Flour

Organic white rice flour
Made from Tsuyahime rice
Packaging: 300g


Rice Flour Pasta

Organic white/brown rice flour pasta
Made from Tsuyahime rice
Packaging: 120g


Awards & Certifications
  • expand_moreGLOBAL G.A.P. (English)
  • expand_moreJAS Organic (English)
  • expand_moreJRIC Winner (Japanese)
  • expand_moreYamagata Selection (Japanese)
The Food Expo
Home and abroad

We have been proudly promoting our organic product range both at home and abroad.
FoodEx Japan: one of the largest food and beverage exhibitions in Asia. Held every year in March across various locations, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.
AgriFoodTech Israel: a unique event both in Israel and Japan, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Israel-Japan diplomatic relations. Food companies and FoodTech companies from Japan, and Israeli companies with ties to Japanese food participate in the event.

  •  The journey to the delicious Shonai rice
     starts here...

  • we use our own homemade 
    organic fertiliser 

  •  we plant young rice plants grown
     from the previous year's rice seeds

  • we nurture them by hand weeding and...

  •  ...carefully monitoring their condition

  • we handle every step in the process 

  •  to offer you only the very best

  • a product that you can eat 
    with peace of mind 

  • come and visit us

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